2015 ROHR RFT-20 Aircraft Refueller

28 May 2019

We offer you 2015 built ROHR RFT-20 refueler on 4x2 Volvo FE 240 chassis, used only as demo unit in LIKE NEW condition.

The rigid-type refuellers with a volume of of 20m³ (20.000 liters) designed and produced by ROHR to be used on public roads. These vehicles can be prepared to tow a refuelling trailer, which can be also produced by ROHR. 

Specifications for the aircraft refueller rigid type RFT-20 include:

  • Tank volume: 20,000 liters
  • Truck chassis: 4x2 VOLVO FE-240
  • Flow-rate: two reel hose of 2,000l/min 
  • Defuelling: maximum acceptable vacuum
  • Pump: centrifigual / vane pump
  • Deadman system: electric / pneumatic deadman timer system
  • Closed sampling system: visual fuel check sampler with shell detector valve assembly